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My name is Irmi v. R., married, 3 children (13, 12 and almost 10 years).
After growing up in Germany, I lived for a few years in Austria and UK. Together with my husband and our children we have been living in Munich/Germany, later on for 3 1/2 years in Zhuhai/China and now since March 2020 in Bali/Indonesia.

Due to the illness and early death of my mother, I experienced a serious loss at a young age, which shook my life. I learned a lot about letting-go and grief. But school of life went on. At just under 20, Anorexia brought me closer to death than to life. It was individual people and a counselor and many little steps, that brought me back to a complete joyful and worth-living life-style, THANK GOD.

This difficult path taught me to be honest with myself and how to get on my feet again.

Over the last few years, I have experienced a number of transitions, like moving with my family to different countries, overcoming the pain of loss and parting, finding our path into foreign cultures and facing many new people and challenges.

We now live in a place in Bali, where you can find rest and peace and time for yourself to connect with yourself, with one another, with God and nature.
Life is such a great journey and in every challenge we can find a path to go forward and grow.
Because there are always: SIGNS OF HOPE!!!


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